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The Endurance Athlete Center (EAC) is the leading Northern Virginia provider of  physical therapy, massage, personal training, and nutritional services to triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers, and adventure racers.

The EAC is comprised of multiple companies owned and operated by the region’s best endurance sport specialists. We are a convenient one stop shop created to provide a strategy for your racing, rehab, and fitness needs.  Our specialists guarantee collaboration to ensure delivery of superior service.

Whether you are looking to improve performance, dial in your nutritional plan, or rehab an injury, we have the solution you need. We are all in for you at the Endurance Athlete Center.

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Kerri Kramer, owner of EAC, tells us about her journey and what led her to opening this one-of-a-kind facility that caters to endurance athletes.


Feb 28, 2013

My name is Michael Wardian and I am a professional endurance athlete with a focus on marathons and ultra marathons.

I suffered my first serious injuries in mid-late 2012 and I am so thankful to have met Kerri and Gavin from Fast Track Physical Therapy, they and their team have helped me recover from my extensive running injuries (5 stress fractures, 2 sports hernias, 3 inguinal hernias, and a shoulder injury) in record time and have made my into a stronger and more complete endurance athlete.

I look forward to using the techniques, exercises and strategies that Kerri and Gavin explained and demonstrated to avoid future problems and I believe the physical therapy received from them will improve my running efficient, strength and allow me with, continued dedication, to lower my personal bests and push the bounds of what I believe is possible.

I also have enjoyed using the “Atlter G” treadmill at Fast Track and plan to continue to utilize this amazing training tool to improve my running economy, speed and strength.

I hope you never have any issues but if you do I would high recommend contacting Fast Track Physical Therapy, as they will get you back to doing what you love in the quickest manner possible.

If you have any questions I would be glad to speak to you in person: mwardian@rocketmail.com

Fast Track are a great resource and I am confident they can assist in make things better.

- Michael Wardian

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