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Mar 20, 2013

Weighed with similar options to pay out of network or go somewhere else I quickly settled on Fast Track PT and out-of-network for the following reasons:

1.  In contrast to many PT clinics where you meet with the PT periodically for protocol establishment and progress evaluations; at FT you are with a seasoned PT during your entire appointment–every appointment.  This is critical during your rehab–as all the PTs at FT are able to point out immediately during my workouts subtle alignment issues that make a significant difference in my progress.  This is invaluable to me as a patient–I am not reinforcing old muscle memory but instead I am creating new correct muscle memory.

2.  They provide comprehensive care including in-house sports massage, strength training, and nutrition.  If I need sports massage work as part of my injury treatment– I can get it as part of my therapy.  If I need additional work, my therapist is a few short steps to a consult with the Sports Massage Therapist for what additional work needs to be accomplished. Nothing lost in translation.

3.  The same for strength training–my PT walks over and consults with my strength trainer on my PT progress and we are able to tailor my workout on the fly to prevent injury and build on my progress.  Even during my strength training, I am always under the watchful eye of my PT to point out alignment issues–even subtle ones– and reinforce correct muscle memory.

4.  They are athletes and understand the need to have quality of life to perform in our sport.

5.  They have a new Alter-G machine that allows you to continue to run at a reduced weight bearing load–critical to maintaining mental confidence with running (sanity) and low-risk running during recovery.

6. Most importantly–when I was in Orlando working and needed urgent sound medical advice on a SUNDAY, I was able to pick up the phone and call Kerri Kramer on her mobile.  We talked through my symptoms and developed a game plan for engaging medical staff in Orlando while I was working until I could return to DC.  Since then her entire staff has worked to help me get back to “good” and stay on track for IM LP.  My injury has been frustrating for me. The staff has been patient even providing their cells phone numbers to call after hours or weekends if I needed talking “off the ledge” to not run.

I am sure there are other clinics that offer personal care like Fast Track, but I haven’t found them.  I am on the road to recovery, re-gaining my confidence, and slowly moving from “IM LP is coming” to “I’m coming for IMLP”.  When I successfully cross the finish line I will owe a huge debt of gratitude to Kerri Kramer and her awesome staff at Fast Track and the Endurance Athlete Center.

I encourage you to consider FTPT.  At a minimum your treatment facility should be all-in for you.  FTPT certainly has been for me.

- Adele Ratcliff

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